Water around the filtration equipment. This is a common sign that there’s a leak somewhere in the system.

A common problem and one that can be very frustrating to many are when their filtration equipment pumps won’t prime. Basically, this means there isn’t enough water running through the system to allow filtration to occur. When this happens it could be a variety of different things that we want to make you aware of in our latest blog post. If you’re a pool professional walking into someone’s backyard and noticing that the pool hasn’t been filtering can be frustrating because it can be anything from a simple fix (adding water) to something far more complicated. In the end, it is imperative that troubleshooting occurs immediately to prevent the pool from turning green or burning out the motor because of lack of water in the system. In the end, we hope this blog post informs you on what to look for and potentially how to fix it.

When you turn on a system, it is vital that the water fills up the pump basket all the way up to the lid. When this happens you might see a small air bubble at the top but most importantly the water should be pushing up against the lid. Many people will confuse this with water close to the top. When this happens. the pump isn’t fully primed and there is a problem. Other issues you might see is that the pump is half primed or not primed at all because of lack of water. As stated before, this should be addressed as soon as possible. With that said, the following are reasons why your pump isn’t priming and how to fix it:

  1. Pool water level is too low – if the water in the pool is below the skimmer the system will suck in air and not prime. Be sure to add water to the pool as soon as possible.
  2. No water in the pump basket – you might need to add water with a bucket or hose.
  3. Clogged skimmer/pump basket – this is common and is simple to fix by just removing the debris
  4. Pump cover is leaking – if you have a crack in the cover or an o-ring that is bad/cracked this can let air into the system which won’t allow it to prime. You might need to buy a new lid or o-ring. Keep in mind that you must use pool lube on the o-ring.
  5. Leaks anywhere in the plumbing – again this will allow air into the system. Be sure to check all fittings and the ground around the filtration equipment for leaks.
  6. The impeller is clogged – If the pump’s impeller is clogged with any debris, water from the pool will not be able to flow out the side slots and generate a vacuum. Without a vacuum, the pump will not be able to suck water into the pump and it will not prime. Remove the impeller and clean out the debris.

The above are the most common reasons why a pump won’t prime. Please keep in mind that when any of them are fixed you will need to add water to the pump basket to help it prime. If you’re still having issues or need help with any of the above, contact us today for help! Remember, the long you wait to get your pump primed the better the chance you have of the motor burning out which can be expensive to fix.