Now that winter type temperatures are in the air, many people will ask us if it’s time to acid wash their swimming pool? The process of acid-washing your pool removes unsightly stains due to Calcium Hardness and algae buildup. Once your water begins to look murky and unusually green or black, it’s likely that your pool could use an acid-wash to clean it up. While this is a process you can perform yourself, we usually recommend that it is best to leave it to a professional to avoid damaging the plaster. We hope this blog post helps to inform you on why your swimming pool would need an acid wash as well as some other tips too!

The following are some of the most common reasons why an acid wash is performed:

  • Calcium Hardness buildup on the interior finish
  • Staining
  • If your swimming pool was green for too long
  • Copper staining from heating elements

How is an acid wash performed?

Acid washing is a process that is performed on a plaster or pebble tec pool to remove a thin layer of the surface to remove stubborn stains and calcium deposits. The pool is initially drained and the sides are scrubbed with an acid solution. The solution of muriatic acid and water is applied to remove the topcoat from the pool. This is done manually using an acid brush. The residue is then neutralized with soda ash before being completely rinsed off.

How often should I acid wash my swimming pool?

Acid washing will remove a thin layer of the interior finish of the swimming pool, so it can’t be performed yearly. Too many acid washing treatments will cause the pool to need to be re-plastered. If your swimming pool has a thin of plaster or old plaster it shouldn’t be acid washed. A pool professional should test the pool first to see if acid washing will help. Typically, acid washing should only occur every 5-7 years.

Even though acid-washing the pool is something you can perform yourself with chemicals found in any pool supply store, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you could seriously damage the interior finish. When acid-washing a pool, you must wear protective equipment due to the caustic nature of the chemicals, which can easily burn your skin, ruin clothes and cause respiratory damage if inhaled. We always recommended consulting a professional regarding acid-washing to avoid issues with your pool.

At Clark County Pool & Lawn this is a service that we offer and if you’re looking for a consultation, please contact us today!