Can you believe we are now into the holiday season? It seems like just yesterday the temperatures were warm and we were still swimming! So, now that it is the holidays, what do you think would make a great holiday gift for your swimming pool? First, we understand that your life can be stressful and hectic. As a result, our team of pool and service repairmen is committed to taking away the burden of your pool maintenance and care. We perform high-quality work at a reasonable price and without service contracts. Should an issue with your pool equipment ever arise, our technicians will inform our office and one of our friendly office personnel will contact you. As a pool owner, this is exactly what you should want to hear because one of the biggest complaints that we hear as a residential swimming pool owner is that it can not only take a lot of time to clean a swimming pool but it is also challenging. So with this blog post, we hope to share a few tips and great holiday gifts for your swimming pool.

Weekly Pool Service and Maintenace

Let’s be clear, we aren’t suggesting to buy someone a full year of weekly service but of course, you could if you wanted…. To ensure 365-day use of your Las Vegas pool or in-ground spa, it is vital to establish a regular or weekly pool maintenance and cleanup plan. Our trusted team at Clark County Pool & Lawn Service, Inc. can provide you with a plan that best suits your needs. We proudly offer a dual plan of weekly cleaning and chemical balancing, or chemical only service. Whichever plan you choose, you are helping to prevent your pool from developing the most common pool problems.

You can expect the following when choosing us to perform a weekly cleaning and chemical service:

  • Net entire pool and spa
  • Vacuum pool and spa
  • Brush walls and tile
  • Inspect equipment for leaks
  • Empty, pump, pool vac baskets, and skimmer
  • As needed backwashing (additional charge for earth)
  • As needed cartridge filter cleaning (at an additional charge)
  • Informed of low water issues
  • Sign and date time card
  • Weekly water balancing

So why not give yourself the gift of freedom or offer to pay for the first month of a friend or families new account?

New Filtration Equipment

Having great filtration equipment that not only keeps your pool clean but allows for proper flow is extremely important especially when the weather gets warm. During the holiday time is when people will give themselves a little more and we would highly recommend installing a variable speed motor which will save you money on your electric bill especially during the summer time. At Clark County Pool & Lawn we highly recommend Pentair Products for their reliability, cost, and warranty.

A Pool Cleaner

In our honest opinion if you’re looking for the best gift to give your swimming pool it would be a pool cleaner. A pool cleaner will save you so much time from having to vacuum and it will keep debris from accumulating on the bottom of the pool. We highly recommend The Poovergneugen because they have pressure and suction options and they are built to last. They work on all pool surfaces and are going to be the best for the money spent.

We realize you can also buy a variety of toys and games for your pool but if you’re looking to make your life easier and your swim experience better, contact us today to help you with any of the above!