Whether you know it or not, the quality of water in your swimming pool is extremely important!

As a resident of Las Vegas, we’re pretty sure you know that our tap water quality isn’t great. It’s loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals that make it non-drinkable and troublesome to start. Keep in mind, just because your pool water is blue and clear doesn’t always mean it is safe to swim in. That’s why we hope this blog post helps explain why the quality of water in your swimming pool is extremely important.

Whether you swim in residential or commercial swimming pools this should always be a concern of yours. As you know swimming pools in Las Vegas are extremely important and at Clark County Pool & Lawn we want to help keep your pool or in-ground spa clean and in proper working condition. We have over 50 years of experience servicing the Las Vegas community and are dedicated to exceeding your needs and expectations.

Below are highlights of our company history:

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Our staff are fully qualified and trustworthy
  • We specialize in residential pool repair and service

When it comes to quality, that word can go far beyond just the work that is performed. Everyone who hires a service company always wants quality but this also pertains to the water as well. We are committed to our service and to make sure your steps, benches, and walls of your swimming pool are brushed and free of debris. Emptying the skimmer basket and pump basket along with skimming the surface of the pool to make it look clean always happens. Making sure there are adequate amounts of chlorine is always a priority but we must also make sure the pH is balanced too. Even when all of these are done, it doesn’t mean that the water is safe to swim in. This is where things can get confusing because even when the pool looks great and the chemistry is correct, there still can be issues and they might not be detectable with everyday water tests.

Our tap water is an issue. The possibility of people urinating and defecating in the swimming pool is always a possibility. With that said, here are some precautions you should always take when you are ready to swim in any pool:

  • Never drink the water
  • Do not swim in a pool if you feel sick
  • Rinse off before and after you swim
  • If you feel sick after swimming (intestinal) call your doctor and get tested for waterborne diseases. Anytime you exit a swimming pool and feel stomach cramps or pain, have a fever, feel nauseous, or have diarrhea this is a sure sign of cryptosporidium (waterborne disease).

When this happens, Clark County Pool & Lawn can help, we not only super chlorinate but we also drain pools too. Depending on what time of year we also offer a Reverse Osmosis (RO) mobile filtration process that that can remove waterborne diseases as well.

If you should have questions or concerns about the water you are swimming in, please contact us today!