How To Properly Change Out A Pool Light

Of course, your pool light will burn out at the most inopportune time and some people will want to change it out whereas, others will hire someone. Let’s be honest anytime you have water and electricity you need to be careful about what you are doing and take all precautions necessary. So remember, you can either hire a professional or choose to do it yourself. At Clark County Pool & Lawn we are concerned about your safety and that is why we decided to write this blog post. Please read on to learn the step by step process of how to replace a pool light.

Things You Will Need To Replace Pool Light

  • Screwdriver
  • Several Dry Towels
  • Replacement Pool Light Bulb
  • Replacement Lens Gasket

Suggested Tips

  • Remember to first turn/cut off all the power to your pool before you begin.
  • You may have to drain the pool a little to be able to comfortably reach the light.
  • Try to determine the type of light you need before you begin. If you can’t, you may have to remove the light and then take it with you to the pool store to find the correct replacement.
  • If you are not sure that the power has been probably shut off, be sure you test the electrical with your circuit tester (if you have one) before you continue. If you don’t have a circuit tester we would highly recommend hiring a professional.

The Step By Step Process of Replacing The Light

  1. Turn off all power
  2. Remove the single screw on the light fixture
  3. Remove light fixture out of the light casing. You might need a flat head screwdriver to help.
  4. Pull light fixture all the way up onto the decking. There should be more than enough cord
  5. Pry lens off of the fixture. Older lights might have screws
  6. Replace the old bulb with the new one. Make sure to dry the inside of the casing.
  7. Turn on power quickly to check if light works
  8. Turn power back off
  9. Replace the lens and reassemble the fixture
  10. Replace all screws and lock on tabs
  11. Test for leaks by submerging light assembly in the pool for a few minutes
  12. Replace light back into light niche and screw in all screws
  13. Re-establish electricity

Ultimately, changing a light isn’t extremely hard but we want you to be careful if you decide to take on this task. If you have been thinking about switching to LED, please CLICK HERE!

If you should have any questions, please contact us today!