When it comes to owning a swimming pool there are three types of filtration systems for your swimming pool. You can either use a sand, cartridge, or Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter. In the case of this blog post, we are going to focus on the DE Filter. Our goal is to guide you on the benefits of a DE Filter, when you need to backwash, and a step by step process on how to backwash it. First and foremost, backwashing is the act of cleaning your filter after it’s collected dirt and debris from your pool. It works by sending pool water backward through your filter and out the waste or drain.

5 Steps To Backwashing Your DE Filter

  1. Turn off your filtration system and put the filter in the proper backwash position
  2. Turn on your filtration system and run it for approximately 2 minutes through a backwash hose. Ideally, you will want to run until the water becomes clear.
  3. Put backwash valve back into normal filtration mode for about 30 seconds and then repeat step #2 again for about a minute.
  4. Turn backwash valve back to filtration mode
  5. Turn your system back on and add DE Powder through the skimmer

How Much DE To Add To your Filter

First, you will need to determine the size of your DE Filter which you can usually locate on the side of the filter. Next, we highly recommend buying a DE Scoop to help measure the amount. Since DE is measured in pounds we recommend buying a one pound DE Scoop.

  • 36 sq ft. filter – 4.5 pounds (4.5 scoops)
  • 48 sq ft. filter – 6 pounds (6 scoops)
  • 60 sq ft. filter – 7.5 pounds (7.5 scoops)

Please note, typically all new filters will have gauges that recommend when it is time to backwash the filter. Typically when you start you will want to manually change the gauge to remind you to clean when it is approximately 10psi above starting the starting point.

In conclusion, one of the biggest benefits of owning a DE Filter is it filters down to the lowest microns which are 3. It filters the largest surface area and keeps the pool the cleanest. It is best for pools with lots of vegetation in the backyard! If you happen to own a DE Filter and aren’t sure when it’s time to backwash or take it apart and clean it, please contact the best pool service in Las Vegas!