Heating Options To Extend Your Swim Season

Well, whether you can believe it or not, we have officially survived another summer and we are now into fall. For many, fall is a favorite season because it is the start of cooler temperatures and the holiday season which so many love. But, with this new season comes the thought process of, “I won’t be able to swim anymore, host pool parties, or enjoy my relaxation time in the pool.” This isn’t 100% true because at the close of pool season there are a variety of ways you can extend your swim season and we want this blog to highlight what those are.

Four Ways To Extend Your Swim Season

  1. Gas Heaters – They are the most effective way to heat your pool and provide the longest swimming season for you and your family. They work by using propane or natural gas to heat water before it enters your pool. They provide the fastest way to heat your pool. Ultimately, they allow you to heat up your pool when needed however, they are the most expensive way to do it.
  2. Solar Heaters – Solar heaters are a great choice for those that prefer sustainable options or going greener for their home. They are an excellent choice for those that are comfortable with temperatures ranging in the swimming pool from 80 – 85 degrees. If you’re in a warmer climate like ours with sufficient sun, solar can work all year round. However, if you’re in a colder climate with cloudy days it will be more challenging to use the pool as it might be too cold but a few sunny days can change all of that. The heaters use the sun’s heat, which is, of course, free, so they don’t have any operating costs. Your existing pool pump circulates the pool water through the solar heater which is commonly located on your roof. Since the pump has a timer, you should set it to operate during daylight hours or when the sun is out.
  3. Liquid Solar Covers – These provide an invisible blanket on the top of your pool which generates heat from the sun while reducing evaporation. Simply pour the chemical in your pool every week and the invisible barrier provides additional heat in your pool.

If you should have any questions on ways to extend your swim season, please let us know. Clark County Pool & Lawn is a professional installer of these different heat options!