Changes To Weekly Pool Service In The Fall/Winter

Well for swimming pool owners, fall is here which means the air temperatures have dropped and so has the water temperatures. At this point, unless you have a heater on your swimming pool you are no longer swimming because the water is just too cold. So instead of worrying about warm pool water, many people will start to focus their attention on the upcoming holidays because when the pool water turns cold it’s relatively easy to take care of your swimming pool. At Clark County Pool & Lawn we want to share a variety of tips to help prep your pool for the off-season. First off, in Las Vegas, we don’t close “winterize” our pools so let’s not even bother to discuss it but there are a few things you can do differently to help save you money.

The most important thing to remember is you will still need to clean your pool weekly and as necessary. We still strongly recommend brushing the water tile line, interior finish, steps, and benches regularly to prevent dirt build-up and staining. You will also need to skim out debris and vacuum as necessary. Please don’t forget to empty out your skimmer and pump baskets. These are the little things that people forget to do because they aren’t swimming anymore but it’s vital to keep the adequate flow in and out of your filter.

Some of the changes that can be made are less chlorine usage and shorter filter run times. In the winter time algae doesn’t like cold water so you can lower your chlorine levels to 1-2 parts per million (ppm). You can also lower your filter run times from 10-12 hours a day down to 6-8 hours. Since there is no swimming occurring you can get away with shorter filter run times. Both of these will help save you money compared to the amount of chlorine you will need during the summer and how much electricity is needed to run your pump for those extra 2-4 hours each day.

During the winter, we also recommend checking all your pumps and filters for leaks. We also suggest cleaning your DE and Cartridge Filter and checking the sand if you have a sand filter. Ultimately, it is still extremely important to clean your pool regularly and check the water chemistry to balance your chlorine and pH. Just because you aren’t swimming doesn’t mean you can drop a chlorine tab and go. If you should have any questions about this or looking to take the stress out of owning a swimming pool, contact us today!