Pentair Energy Efficient Pumps For Your Pool

Guess what? Summer is just around the corner which means higher utility bills! But, you can reduce them by installing an energy efficient pump today! In Las Vegas, we have longer summer temperatures and we want to help save you money! Whether it’s making energy efficient upgrades to your house or going solar if it makes sense, homeowners are going to do it. In Las Vegas the summer temps seem to be lasting longer now and if you have a swimming pool, educating yourself on energy efficient pumps and motors is something we highly recommend and we hope this blog post gives you insight on why installing one would be a wise choice.

Is it possible to not only save energy but also maintain an enjoyable swimming pool by using a smaller, higher efficient pump and operating it less? The simple answer to that question is YES! Depending on the brand you buy, energy efficient pumps will use anywhere from 35-45% less energy than a standard pool pump. With savings like that, the difference between a standard pump and an energy efficient pump can be quite substantial. These pumps do come in a variety of speeds so you have total control over how much turnover you need depending on the time of year and cleanliness of your swimming pool. If you’re looking to save money, we definitely suggest looking into an energy efficient pump today! You can also use the following residential pool pump savings calculator from Pentair to see approximately what switching can save you.

At Clark County Pool and Lawn, we can install a variety of energy efficient pumps for you. We are familiar with all the different brands and can make the best recommendation for you based on the volume of your swimming pool, the amount of vegetation you have in your backyard and near your swimming pool as well as warranty features too!

The following are some of the features and benefits with going with a variable speed pump/motor:

  • Uses 80-90% less energy than single speed pumps
  • Completely programmable
  • Quieter operation
  • Easy to read indicators
  • 1.5 and 2.0 HP models available
  • Rebates are available in certain areas

The Las Vegas area is becoming more and more energy efficient each year and at Clark County Pool and Lawn we are aware of it and want to provide you with any energy efficient upgrades you might need. Our goal as a complete swimming pool cleaning, repair and maintenance company is providing you with top quality service and installations. We feel strongly about the money/energy savings with variable speed pumps. If you should have any questions, contact us today to learn more!