Weekly Pool Service in Las Vegas

When you have invested a lot of your hard earned money on a swimming pool, it’s extremely important to keep it clear and most importantly clean so you can swim in it. When you have a vision of building your backyard paradise with decorative tile, negative edges, water features and raised hot tubs with spillways it’s vital to be aware of ways to keeping it look new. First and foremost, balancing your water chemistry is important and we recommend using the Taylor Test Kits to check for adequate amounts of chlorine, pH, cyanuric acid (CYA), calcium hardness and phosphates. Taylor Test Kits are the most accurate and even if you have a weekly pool service we also recommend having one on hand. Checking chlorine, pH and total alkalinity should be done weekly (or more often when a storm hits) along with brushing the tile line, the interior finish and steps, and benches. Netting out debris in the pool and emptying skimmer baskets as soon as possible is also important because it allows for proper filtration. Depending on the time of the year, the following are appropriate values to remember when it comes to chemistry:

Chlorine – 1-3 ppm (winter) and 3-5 ppm (summer)

pH – 7.2 – 7.8

CYA – 30 – 50 ppm (might need to be higher if you have a salt pool)

When levels of chlorine fall below recommendations or filtration are compromised algae can begin to grow rapidly especially when the water is warm. If the pH climbs above 7.8 the water can become cloudy and scaling on the tile will occur. Keeping your CYA levels in normal ranges is also extremely important for chlorine to work efficiently.

As residents in Las Vegas, you should also be concerned about Calcium Hardness and Total Dissolved Solids! Our fill water is extremely hard and loaded with calcium and other hardness minerals. When these levels climb above 600 parts per million (ppm) calcium scaling can occur on the water tile line, the interior finish of the swimming pool, your filtration equipment, negative edges, spillways, and water features. Unfortunately, when you have a vision of what you want your swimming pool to look like when calcium levels rise that can completely change everything especially with water features. Normal recommendations for Calcium Hardness is between 200 – 400 ppm but in Las Vegas, the water coming out of the tap can be above 400 ppm. When your water hardness climbs above 600 ppm and TDS levels are above 3,000 ppm you should think about changing out the water in your swimming pool. You can either choose to do a typical drain and refill or you can use our Reverse Osmosis (RO) Mobile Filtration trailer to lower Calcium Hardness, TDS, cyanuric acid, salts, phosphates and waterborne diseases without draining the swimming pool. Since we use RO filtration, we put drinking quality water back in your swimming pool, it will increase the lifespan of your investment, we will conserve 85% of the existing water in your swimming pool and you can swim in the pool while the process is being performed.

So remember to check chemistry, clean the pool and have the water changed every couple of years to keep your pool looking great. If you have questions regarding the services Clark County Pool & Lawn offer, please call us today at 702-362-8295.