Weekly Pool Service In Las Vegas

If you own a residential swimming pool in the Las Vegas area, many people struggle with taking care of their swimming pool especially during the summertime. Our temperatures are above 100 degrees which means pool water can climb into the ’90s. When this happens, monitoring and balancing your water chemistry can be more challenging. Not to mention, keeping it clean is also extremely important to prevent algae from growing. So, we hope this blog post gives you some insight into what it takes to take care of a swimming pool in the summertime and how we can help.

Typically, most people think brushing down the sides, benches, and steps, skimming and balancing water chemistry is enough but it goes far beyond that. Swimming pools should be maintained at least once a week to keep them clean but depending on the time of year and weather conditions sometimes maintenance will need to occur several times a week. On a weekly basis, the water tile line and sides of the swimming pool should be brushed to prevent the buildup of dirt and calcium scaling. Debris should be skimmed out of the swimming pool as soon as possible as it can cause changes to the water chemistry in the swimming pool and could cause excess use of chlorine. On days where there are storms, please try and empty out the skimmer basket as soon as possible to allow proper water flow into your filtration equipment. Please note, if the debris prevents water from moving into the filter, the pump could lose prime and potentially burn up without any water!

Another major benefit to keeping your swimming pool clean is having an automatic swimming pool cleaner. Pool cleaners can remove debris from the bottom of the swimming pool and drastically reduce the amount of work that you need to do. Regularly check all equipment for leaks because this can not only waste water but it can also cause poor filtration which can lead to inadequate movement of water and the possibility of algae growth in your swimming pool. Typically it’s recommended to filter your swimming pool for 4-6 hours during the wintertime and anywhere from 8-12 hours during the summertime (depending on the size of your swimming pool) to keep the adequate movement of water. If you’re struggling with algae or how to balance your water chemistry, one of the best tools that we use is the pool calculator.

Hiring a reputable weekly service and maintenance company will alleviate a lot of the stress there is in taking care of a swimming pool. If you’re currently looking and would like us to take the hassle out of managing your swimming pool, please contact us today!