Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool Service in Las Vegas

Fall is here which means changes are coming for your swimming pool. Since we live in the Las Vegas area and don’t winterize a swimming pool there is still work to be done but this work isn’t nearly as intense as taking care of your pool during our long, hot, and extensive summer months with pool temperatures reaching 90 degrees. At Clark County Pool and Lawn we love to share our knowledge with you and wanted to take the time to discuss what changes need to occur as the temperatures cool down. We hope this blog post gives you some insight on things you can do safely this upcoming fall and winter season.

After a long hot summer swim season, your residential and commercial swimming pool water was put through a lot with adding various chemicals, all the body oils, urine, and other factors. When the temperature drops below 80 degrees, it’s relatively safe to start draining your swimming pool if your pool needs structural work or an acid wash. The common reason why this is suggested is if your Calcium Hardness, TDS, or CYA levels are high. Depending on the age of your interior finish, an acid wash might be recommended but that is something we can evaluate for you and provide feedback upon a site visit. If none of these are your issues but your water is “hard” we want to show you how our pool water recycling treatment can support your efforts. It is an alternative to a typical drain and refill by utilizing our mobile filtration system that comes to your residential or commercial property and recycles the water with Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration. Our guarantee is to give you better water than tap and to conserve up to 85% of the existing water in the swimming pool. Both of these services are recommended during the winter months because they will properly prepare your swimming pool for the upcoming season and prevent hard water scaling

When it comes to cooler temperatures it is still vital to clean your pool once a week and skim the pool of all debris but now is the time to start saving money! During the off-season, you can lower your chlorine usage to 1 – 2 parts per million (ppm) and lower your filter run times to 4 – 6 hours depending on the size of your pool. Since chlorine doesn’t wear off as quickly you can save a fair amount of money in the offseason by making these two easy changes.

Even though this isn’t extremely common in Las Vegas, freezing temperatures can occur. One other way that we properly prepare our swimming pools for the winter season in Las Vegas is by installing an Intermatic Freeze Protection with Thermostat. The purpose of the timer is to provide both automation and protection for the equipment against freeze damage. They turn the pump and heater on when the outdoor temperature drops below the temperature set by the user-adjustable thermostat which is usually 38 degrees to prevent them from freezing. All of these services and timers are what we recommend to prepare your swimming pool for the upcoming cooler temperatures in the Las Vegas area. If you are interested in learning more, contact us today!