Removing Algae From Your Pool Water

If you own a residential or commercial swimming pool keeping it clean, clear and looking great all the time can be a task especially if you don’t have a weekly pool service and maintenance company in Las Vegas. Anytime you have a large body of water, extremely warm temperatures, and an extended swim season the chances for having algae in your swimming pool are great. This is a common problem all year round in Las Vegas and we want to help you troubleshoot why this might be happening. The following are some of the questions you must ask yourself if you have green, yellow, or black algae in your pool.

  1. Are you brushing the steps, benches, tile, and interior finish of your swimming pool?
  2. Are you balancing your water chemistry on a weekly basis?
    • Please keep in mind it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, if you don’t have enough chlorine or don’t balance your water chemistry you can and will develop algae on the interior finish, around your pool light and on the steps on your pool.
  3. Are you filtering your pool long enough each day?
    • The times vary depending on what time of year it is but you must filter your pool daily
  4. Are you skimming out the debris in your pool and emptying your skimmer and pump basket?
  5. Have you backwashed or cleaned your pool filters lately?
  6. Have you checked your pool for phosphates?
    • Phosphates are food for algae in your pool and can cause algae to form even with adequate amounts of chlorine.

Algae can and will grow in your swimming pool if you don’t properly maintain it. When the water is warmer the chances of algae growth are much greater but you must always have adequate amounts of chlorine in your pool. You must balance your pH, and you must filter your pool long enough each night to clean the water. Any type of algae can be present in your water. Green algae are the most common, yellow (mustard) algae is common around your pool light, and black algae love Pebble Tec swimming pools.

So remember to always keep your pool clean, filter it daily, and monitor your water chemistry regularly. These are keys to making sure your water stays blue and your pool is always ready to swim in. If you should have any questions, please contact us today.