Commercial Pool Service In Las Vegas

Keeping your pool clean and ready to swim in should always be the primary goal for any commercial swimming pool property owner/manager. The biggest key in all of this is realizing that anytime you have a large number of bathers you must be prepared for any and all issues with water quality and water emergencies. At Clark County Pool & Lawn, we specialize in taking care of commercial swimming pools and we want this blog post to inform you of why we are the smartest choice for you when looking for a reputable company to take care of your pool and guests.

Due to the number of swimmers, you’re going to need to research and due your own due diligence when hiring a company to take care of your commercial property. It isn’t always the easiest to find but we want to inform you about what you can do to make the choice simpler. The following are a list of questions you might want to ask while looking for the right company……

  • Are you currently taking care of any commercial properties?
  • How long have you been servicing swimming pools?
  • Do you have any testimonials we can look through?
  • What licenses and insurance do you carry?
  • How many different people will be taking care of the property?
  • What makes you different from other pool maintenance companies?
  • Are you readily available when emergencies arise?
  • Are you flexible about the number of days of service?

Clark County Pool & Lawn’s commercial monthly pool service covers the Las Vegas and Henderson areas and includes the cost of service, as well as all of the additional costs that would normally occur as the result of standard pool upkeep (filter cleaning/backwash, chemicals, conditioning, etc). In addition, there are no hidden costs that will arise aside from unexpected repairs that are unfortunately out of our control.

You are also assured of our Commitment to Honesty which states, with our ‘commitment to honesty’ policy, you can rest assured that we will never attempt to oversell any product or service and will never suggest unnecessary swimming pool repair work. We will thoroughly explain any proposed repair work that is needed and always give an estimate of the repair for authorization prior to beginning any repair.

About Clark County Pool & Lawn

Our goal at Clark County Pool & Lawn Service, Inc. is to create lasting relationships with our customers by offering the finest personal service in the industry. We continue to achieve this with our reliability, honesty, and unique level of customer service. When you contact us, our office personnel can discuss our services in greater detail. We are ready to exceed your expectations and cater to your every pool need, so contact us today at 702.362.8295 for a free estimate!