Keeping Your Swimming Pool Looking Great

It is officially the time of year where summer is coming to an end and if you don’t own a pool heater your swimming season is done for 2020. Oh, what a year it was. WIth COVID-19 many homeowners were forced to stay home and the biggest highlights were their backyard! They say that this summer swimming pools were used more than ever before. The swimming pool industry as a whole saw an insane increase in business from remodels, to cleanings, upgrades, and weekly maintenance. With families using their pools more than ever this year, now is the time to perform some maintenance to make sure everything is working well. After a long hot Las Vegas summer, swimming pools took a beating. From regular filtration to increased chemical usage now is that time to check on the filters, the filtration equipment, and perform any maintenance necessary.

First and foremost, you can now lower your chlorine usage to 1 – 2 parts per million as the water temperature has decreased and it is harder for algae to grow. Along with that, you can lower your filter run times. This is typically the time of year where you can save money on your electricity bills because of your pump on average running four hours less per day! However, the biggest thing now is checking your pool and making sure it is performing well. The following are some of the things you should be looking at:

  • Filtration equipment for leaks
  • Motor performance
  • Cleaning your filter
  • The integrity of the interior finish
  • Tile cleaning
  • Pool Water Recycling

Now is the time to open up that filter to check the sand if you have a sand filter. If you have a cartridge filter or DE filter now is a great time to do a deep clean of them because again after a long summer and increased usage they should be cleaned. You will also want to tighten up the fittings, fix leaks, think about tile cleaning especially if you have calcium scaling, and changing out your pool water. At Clark County Pool & Lawn we offer Pool Water Recycling which is a great alternative to a drain and refills and will allow you to swim in RO quality water. Remember, your pool is your investment and there are many things that can cause damage to it so general maintenance is important. If you should have any questions on what to do or how we can help, please contact us today!