What’s not to like about having a swimming pool in your backyard? It could boost your property value by 7%. And from pool parties to barbecues, it contributes to year-round fun for your household.

The benefits of a swimming pool don’t stop there, though. You can maximize the investment by installing a pool heater. It makes the water feel more comfortable, especially when the colder season hits.

As a trusted pool heater repair expert in Las Vegas, Clark County Pool & Lawn gives you five reasons to install a pool heater today.

Maximize Your Residential Pool

A residential swimming pool already raises property value, especially when you schedule regular cleaning and maintenance services that keep the pool in optimal condition. As long as you take care of the pool, it will have a high return on investment. Take it a step further with a pool heater.

A pool heater lets your family and friends wade in warm water anytime you want. It won’t sit unused during colder months. Most pool heaters also have generally low upkeep, too.

Use Your Pool Any Time You Want

Sometimes, you’ll just have the urge to jump in the pool late at night. Or maybe you have a household member who prefers swimming at dawn, when the surroundings are still quiet, and they don’t have to work or attend classes yet. Make it more comfortable with pool heating.

A heated pool maintains your preferred water temperature regardless of the air temperature. This makes those early-morning and late-night swims more enjoyable for you and your family.

Extend Your Swimming Pool Season

A pool heater doesn’t just let you enjoy early-morning swims and late-night dips in the pool during summer. It gives you access to the pool year-round. The pool heating system maintains the perfect temperature regardless of the outdoor temperature, so you can use it anytime you want.

By installing a pool heater, you don’t have to sadly stare at the empty pool on chilly winter days. Just keep the heater on and it’ll feel like swimming pool season all the time.

Spend More Quality Time with the Family

family by the pool

Although COVID-19 kept people at home long enough to feel restless, the pandemic also helped people realize that you can have fun without leaving the house. You can play some games by the pool — it will feel even better if the pool is comfortably heated for anyone to dive into.

You can also invite friends over for pool parties and barbecues. You don’t have to go somewhere fancy to catch up and spend quality time together. The backyard’s just fine!

Be Motivated to Stay Physically Fit

Swimming is a low-impact aerobic activity that is good for everyone regardless of age. It relaxes the mind, soothes sore muscles, and takes care of minor joint pain and stiffness. But some people would rather stay out of the water if it’s cold. Let the pool heater warm it up for you.

The warm water isn’t just more comfortable for people who want to get mild exercise. It also provides a calming effect while you’re wading through the water. So, install that heater today.

Clark County Pool & Lawn uses our extensive pool repair knowledge and experience to help you maximize this backyard investment. For pool heating inquiries, give us a call at (702) 362 8295.