Wanting to emulate a luxurious, hotel-like feel for your outdoor area, you’ve decorated your in-ground pool with beautiful, multi-colored ceramic tiles. And for some time, it’s great. You nailed the look you wanted and then some.

Several months down the line, however, you start to notice unsightly white gunk forming on your prized pool tiles. The stains throw off the atmosphere of your pool area and make you feel less excited about going for a swim. What’s going on with your pool and how can you fix it?

The white buildup you see on your pool tiles is called calcium scaling. It often develops when your pool water’s pH level is too high; the imbalance causes calcium to separate from the water and stick to your pool tile, similar to what happens to your bathroom tiles, sink, and bathtub indoors.

You need to remove the calcium deposits from your pool tiles as soon as possible. Not only are they unattractive; they can also develop in the pipes and the filtration system, ultimately making your water cloudy.

The easiest and fastest way to remove calcium from pool water is by calling a pool cleaning service, although you can try one or a combination of these methods first:

1. Wash with vinegar

This removal option is the most accessible and most affordable one since most households stock vinegar in their pantries. Vinegar is also non-toxic, so it’s safer to use compared to the two other pool tile cleaning methods we’ll discuss.

Start by filling a spray bottle with equal parts water and vinegar. Spray the solution onto the walls of your pool then gently scrub each tile using a cleaning brush or old toothbrush.

The vinegar should easily wash off the calcium deposits if you clean your pool regularly. If the buildup is severe, however, you’ll need a stronger calcium removal product.

2. Use tile cleaning products

pool cleaning

You can purchase a heavy calcium releaser from any hardware or pool supply store. The best thing about this product is that it can remove stubborn calcium and mineral deposits from your pool tiles and deck without affecting the water’s pH levels.

First, use a putty knife to scrape off any thick calcium crust. Be careful not to scratch the tiles, especially if they’re glass. Next, apply the liquid calcium releaser onto the tiles. You want the product to soak until it forms bubbles. Once you see it bubbling, scrub each tile with a scrubbing pad to remove the calcium buildup.

Calcium scaling builds up by layers, so you’ll need to repeat the cleaning process until you’ve removed all the deposits.

Note that some tile cleaning products are chemical-based. You’ll need to use latex gloves and be careful with handling the products.

3. Use a muriatic acid solution

Muriatic acid is your last resort if vinegar and tile cleaning products aren’t strong enough for your pool’s calcium buildup. The great thing about using this product is that it also lowers your pool’s pH level, which helps prevent calcium from building up again.

You can find bottles of muriatic acid at your local pool store with instructions for usage on the back. Be sure to follow the directions carefully because skin exposure to muriatic acid can cause irritations and severe burns.

If the calcium scaling continues to form on the walls of your pool after you apply these methods, it means the buildup has reached the pool’s pipes and filtration system. You need to call a pool cleaning service, so they can scrape the deposits from the pump for you.

Pool Cleaning Services in Las Vegas

Since 1967, Clark County Pool & Lawn has been providing Las Vegas homes with reliable pool cleaning and maintenance services. Regular pool cleaning is a necessity in Las Vegas’s dry desert heat because excessively hot temperatures evaporate the pool water and its chemicals quickly, which could throw off the water’s chemistry levels.

With Clark County Pool & Lawn’s assistance, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your pool and its water chemistry. We’ll make sure that your pool stays clean and chemically balanced all year, so you can enjoy a relaxing swim anytime you want.

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