pool heater costs around $1,000 to $8,500, making it an expensive piece of equipment that requires careful maintenance. It allows pool owners to lengthen the swimming time to varying degrees and it makes it possible to use a pool all year round with the right combination of technologies.

When a pool heater breaks, it can be expensive to repair or replace, so knowing how to care for it is important. Clark County Pool & Lawn will discuss what signs to look for when it’s time for professional service or repair.

Reasons Why You Need Professional Pool Heater Repair Service

Releases Soot or Smoke

For a pool heater to work, it must have enough oxygen to ignite and it must also be able to emit carbon monoxide.

Turn it off and contact a pool heater repair professional immediately if the system emits smoke, soot, or appears burned. The safety risk is high, so you should check regularly for smoke and soot.

Water Isn’t Getting Warm Enough

The problem could be that your filter is dirty or that you have not set the timer correctly. Without regular cleaning, a dirty filter can keep the heater from burning out due to low flow. Having a cleaning routine is a great way to prevent this from happening.

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Heater Won’t Stay or Turn on

This pool heater thrives when there is free flow and there are several reasons why it does not work properly.

  •       Low fuel
  •       Faulty transformer
  •       Low water pressure, often caused by a dirty filter

Make sure the propane tank is full or the gas valves are open and getting enough fuel. The electrical connections could be corroded by moisture or the shut-off valve could be congested. In this case, it’s best to handle the technical job of the pool heating repair specialists.

Makes Strange Noises

All pool heaters make some noises that you should be used to every time you turn them on. The moment you notice changes in the noise produced by the heater, you should start assessing what makes it wrong.

If you are not aware of the normal noises your heater makes, pay attention to the whistling and banging noises. These could be signs that the heater is not working properly.

Pool Heater Repair Service in Las Vegas

Owning a pool is great. You will enjoy it even more if you have a heated pool. But when it comes to the responsibility of making sure everything works optimally, it is important to spot problems early so you can save money in the long run.

Remember that you should never attempt to repair your pool heater yourself. Trying to do this is very dangerous. Safety precautions must be observed when handling gas, electricity, and water.

Let Clark County Pool & Lawn take that burden off your hands and use best practices to keep you safe. With our regular pool service and maintenance to equipment repair, we can always ensure that your pool heater remains in good condition throughout the year.

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