Manually scrubbing your pool can be extremely exhausting, especially if it is big or you have to clean it frequently. Thankfully, there are several tools available that allow you to clean your pool through a more hands-off approach.

Robotic cleaners and suction cleaners are two of the most popular pool cleaner options available today. They’re both automatic, so they save you from having to do the dirty work of scrubbing and polishing pool tiles yourself.

However, these two pool cleaners have different mechanisms that create several important differences for pool owners to consider.

Clark County Pool & Lawn, a trusted swimming pool cleaning service in Las Vergas, compares robotic pool cleaners versus suction pool cleaners to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic cleaners are the most effective, cost-efficient pool cleaning option. Unlike most pool cleaners attached to the existing filtration system, robotic vacuums are powered by a transformer that plugs into an outlet. The advantage of this type of self-contained mechanism is that it doesn’t put extra pressure on your pool’s pump and filter system.

This type of cleaner works particularly well with fine dust and particles, although only the more powerful models can suction large debris like big leaves.

Robotic pool cleaners are equipped with software that maps the layout of your pool. This technology ensures that the robot cleaner sweeps every inch of your pool and that it doesn’t get stuck in corners.

Note, however, that robotic pool cleaners come at premium prices because of their advanced features. The investment is worth it, though, because they make weekly pool maintenance much easier and faster.

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Suction Pool Cleaner

Although their features are less advanced than robotic vacuums, suction pool cleaners remain popular because of their affordability. They have similar functions as robotic cleaners but come at much lower prices.

The main difference between a robotic and a suction pool cleaner is that the latter needs to be attached to your pool’s skimmer box. It relies on your pool’s suction to get the job done.

Suction cleaners, however, move in random patterns across your pool and get stuck in corners. You also need to manually hook them up each time you use them, unlike robotic vacuums that you can simply plug into an outlet and then submerge in the pool.

Robotic vs. Suction Pool Cleaner

Between these two options, robotic vacuums are the superior choice. They’re easier and more convenient to use and are more effective at cleaning up all kinds of dirt in your pool. This is why many commercial pool owners prefer robotic pool cleaners over other options.

However, the price of robotic vacuums may be a bit high, especially if you’re only using the cleaner for your pool at home. If you have a limited budget, suction pool cleaners are a good alternative.

Pool Cleaning Service in Las Vegas

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