Las Vegas’ subtropical desert climate means mild winters and sweltering summers.

This is why it’s not surprising that the city is 5th in the list of US cities with the highest percentage of homes with pools. At 23.8%, it’s just behind other cities with humid climates, including Phoenix (32.7%), Miami (30.6%), Tampa (27.7%), and Orlando (25.9%).

But the heat affects the temperature of the pool water, too. With long days under the sun, the water you’d expect to be cool and refreshing can feel hot once you jump in. If this scenario is familiar, you may want to consider installing chillers in your pool.

What is a Pool Chiller?

A swimming pool chiller is a piece of equipment that helps cool down the water in your pool. It has a similar effect to water features like waterfalls—it circulates pool water, naturally lowering the overall temperature. Some chillers are integrated with heat pumps, while others are standalone units.

Why Install a Pool Chiller for Your Swimming Pool?

Pool chillers provide plenty of benefits, apart from keeping the water cool even at the height of summer.

1. A pool chiller can give your pool pumps a break

Your pool pump is like the heart of your swimming pool—it circulates water, ensuring that it doesn’t stagnate and the chemicals are distributed evenly.

Normally, pool pumps work to circulate water for about six hours every day to keep the water clean. But on hot summer days, pool water needs to circulate for as long as an hour for every 10 °F. With Las Vegas summer temperatures reaching up to 105 °F, it means your pool pump will have to work almost twice as long. This can cause your pool pump to get overheated or worn out.

But you can save on pool pump repair costs with the support of pool chillers. Give the pumps a break and let the chiller do the work of circulating and cooling down the water.

2. You can combat algae growth

Poor water circulation and hot weather help create the perfect environment for algae and bacteria growth in pools. This is because when the pool water heats up, chlorine levels deplete and mess with the water balance. With a pool chiller, you can increase water circulation. You also cool down the water temperature, preventing algae growth.

What’s more, you can save on the costs of pool chemicals. Since they evaporate quicker in the summer, you’d need to use more. But with cooler water temperatures, you don’t have to constantly replace the chemicals that evaporate with the pool water.

3. You can conserve water by slowing down evaporation

Speaking of, swimming pools lose about 5 mm of water on average, but water evaporates a lot faster in the summer. With Las Vegas’ hot and dry climate, the difference between the temperature of your water and the outside air causes evaporation.

To bridge that gap, you can keep your pool’s temperature lower with pool chillers. You won’t lose as much water, helping you save on water bills.

Keep Your Pool Water Circulating All Year Round

Make sure the pool equipment that keeps the water circulating is in good condition by scheduling professional pool maintenance and equipment repair.

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