A heated pool is a delightful thing to have during winter and will certainly make you thankful for investing in one. However, given the recent surge in pool supplies that made pool construction in such high demand, pool heaters have been so scarce that service professionals say they’re among the most difficult to find. So, if you have a heated pool, you need to ensure that the heater is working well because it’ll be challenging to get it replaced.

Clark County Pool & Lawn, as one of the trusted professionals in pool equipment and heater repair in Las Vegas, has seen numerous pool heaters fail for various reasons. It’s always crucial to catch the problem while the issue isn’t severe because it potentially saves the pool owner more money in repairs.

Damaged pool heaters could result in electrical issues later down the line, requiring more in-depth repair work. Furthermore, the pool heating system designed to last for years might become broken beyond repair, sending hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the drain.

Common Heater Problems and their Indicators

The pool doesn’t get warm enough, or the water is tepid even at maximum

This could indicate a problem with the energy source. Pool heaters primarily rely on gas or other energy sources to heat your water. If there isn’t enough gas or the gas pipes aren’t correctly sending fuel to the heater, it’s not going to be able to work to its peak performance, and your water won’t get warm enough.

Determine your pool heater’s energy source. It may be gas, electricity, or solar energy. Once you’re indicated and found the energy source, check if the connections to the heater are sound and don’t show wear and tear.

Doesn’t ignite or switch on

The switch may be broken, or there’s a more systemic issue inside. Make sure you check if any error codes are appearing on the heater’s monitor, or check the power source if it’s been disconnected. If the heater still won’t switch on even if it’s set to do so, and the temperature is set to high, then there’s an internal issue. It needs repairs.

heater knob

Heater is on, but doesn’t stay on

This could be indicative of a filter issue. Accumulated debris or dust could cause the filter to overheat and shut down too soon before it even gets close to warming your pool.

Try taking the heater apart and doing a deep clean of the filter. After returning the filter, turn the thermostat up and see if it stays on until the pool is at the desired temperature. If it still shuts off, the problem could be electrical, and you’ll need a specialist to repair it.

Get Your Pool Heater Repaired as Soon as Possible

Don’t waste time—small issues with your pool heater could escalate to more significant damage that costs more to repair. Consulting with pool maintenance and heater repair professionals enables you to immediately identify what the problem is and get it corrected quickly.

Clark County Pool & Lawn is a trusted pool heater repair company throughout Las Vegas, having serviced private residential and commercial pools across the city. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get your heater problems addressed and resolved so you can get back to enjoying a heated pool this winter.