The CDC reports that around 3,536 people drown each year in pools. One in five victims is below fourteen years old. And now that spring and summer are on the way, more people will once again be returning to pools, both residential and commercial.

Pool safety should be a residential or commercial pool owner’s concern. Clark County Pool & Lawn, while providing pool services throughout Las Vegas, often find our clients taking safety precautions. You may be stocking up with essential pool safety items from pool fences to lifesavers to ensure that no one accidentally falls in. Or, if they do fall in, there is an opportunity to get them to safety.

Our specialists have a few recommendations to ensure that every swimmer has a safe swimming experience in your pool.

Pool fence alarm

Pool fences have become increasingly popular among families, preventing children and pets from accidentally falling into the pool. However, another essential add-on to the fence should be a fence alarm. Sometimes, children or pets may be able to get over, under, or through the gaps in some pool fences.

And when this happens and no one is around to see a child or an animal fall in, the alarm will go off, alerting the rest of the household about the accident. It enables the family to react in time.

Safety rope lines

For commercial pools, you may choose to separate the lap swimmers from the casual swimmers. Therefore, having safety rope lines can greatly help create a demarcation line. It reminds people that lap swimmers are in those channels, and they should not get in their way. It also prevents lap swimmers from crashing into one another underwater as they serve as a guide.

Furthermore, safety ropes are easy for kids to grip. Even in shallow waters, a child can significantly benefit from holding onto a safety rope line when they learn how to wade into deeper waters.

lifebuoy connected to a rope

Life hooks

A safety hook, pool hook, or a life hook is used similarly to a lasso. For example, someone struggling in the water cannot grip a floater or a life ring. A safety hook acts like a lasso; the user can loop it around their body and pull them to safety.

It’s essential to learn how the life hook works and how to use it most effectively. You should not pull someone by their neck or their arm. Instead, try to get the loop over their head and under their armpits.

Consistent pool cleaning and filtering

By no means should any swimmer go into pool water full of large debris or particles. If the water is also cloudy or changing color, swimmers should also not go into the water. This is evidence of a poorly maintained pool and that the water is not safe for swimming.

It’s crucial these coming vacation months to ensure that the pool water is free of debris that a child could choke on or have dirty water that could make swimmers ill.

Hire Regular Pool Maintenance

To ensure that your pool remains clear, clean, and filtered through consistent use during the spring and summer months, hire professionals.

Clark County Pool & Lawn has provided pool services for commercial and residential pools. Contact us today to set up a schedule that ensures your pool water is safe and clean.