If you have ever wanted to install an indoor pool at home, this is the time to do it! Indoor pools are not just for mansions of the rich and famous. They’re more accessible now. And there are several reasons installing an indoor pool is an excellent idea for any homeowner, regardless of their budget.

Let’s explore some advantages and disadvantages of having an indoor pool and other important factors to consider before installing an indoor pool on your property.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Indoor Pool at Home

There are a few things to consider before installing an indoor pool at home. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to help you decide whether an indoor pool is right for you.


  • You can use an indoor pool all year round, regardless of the weather. And if you keep the pool well-maintained,  it adds to your property value.
  • An indoor pool requires less maintenance. You don’t have to deal with as much debris like leaves and insects. A company offering reliable pool services in Las Vegas can help with maintenance.
  • You can enjoy greater privacy with an indoor pool. You don’t have to worry about nosy neighbors or passersby while you, your family, and guests use your indoor pool.


  • The initial investment for an indoor pool is high.  The investment should also consider the cost of installation, heating, and ventilation.
  • You’ll need ample space for an indoor pool. An indoor pool will take up a considerable amount of space in your home.
  • You’ll need to ventilate an indoor pool. Proper ventilation is essential to ensure adequate air quality and correct chlorine levels. If the ventilation is inadequate, the air quality can become poor, and it may be challenging to maintain the proper chlorine levels.

Installing an indoor pool is a big decision. You have to shell out money for the actual installation along with maintenance. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages to see if an indoor pool is right for you.

Factors to Consider When Installing an Indoor Pool

Indoor pool installation is a huge project. So, consider the following factors before you begin construction.

Local Legislation

Before you start construction on your indoor pool, check with your local zoning department. There may be regulations restricting the size or type of pool you can install.

Pool Costs

Consider the cost of building a pool. You will need to have a realistic budget before scheduling the installation. The total cost will vary depending on the size and type of pool you select.

Pool Size

The next factor to consider is the size of your indoor pool. The size of your pool will depend on the available space in your home and how many people you expect to use the pool.

Structural Integrity

Consider your home’s structural integrity, too. Indoor pools are considerably heavier than above-ground pools. Make sure your house can support the weight of an indoor pool.

large indoor swimming pool

What You Need to Do for Indoor Pool Installation

If you decide to install an indoor pool at home, take the time to do your research and plan carefully. Here are the things you need to do to complete the project on time and with minimal disruption.

Choose a Design and Layout

The first step is to choose a design and layout for your pool. Consider the available space in your home and how you want to use the pool.

Get a Permit

The next step is to get a permit from your local zoning department. A permit will ensure that your pool complies with all the regulations in your area.

Prepare the Area for the Pool

Once you have your permit, you can start preparing the area for your pool. This may include moving furniture or other items out of the way and removing any obstacles from the site.

Hire a Contractor

At this point, you’ll have to hire an experienced contractor to ensure safe and efficient project completion. Ask for references and look at their previous work before hiring a contractor.

After completing your indoor pool installation project, contact Clark County Pool & Lawn to arrange regular and routine reliable pool service. Make an appointment today for your pool service needs.