Owning a pool is great fun: nothing beats going for a swim to beat the Las Vegas heat. While maintaining a pool and repairing it when needed isn’t as enjoyable as taking a dip, they’re necessary to ensure it remains in top condition all year.

One of the most common problems with swimming pools is leaks. Left unchecked, pool leaks could result 

in serious damage to your property and that of your neighbors. Apart from paying for repairs, you might also need to cover the costs of a refill if the leaks result in significant water loss.

Read on to learn how to spot a leak and what you can do to address it before it gets worse. 

How to Spot a Leak?

A DIY test called the Bucket Test can help you determine whether your pool is leaking.

For this, you’ll need a 5-gallon bucket and duct tape. 

  1. Fill the bucket with water that matches the water level of your pool.
  2. Mark the waterline with a piece of duct tape. 
  3. Place the bucket on the second step of the pool.
  4. Check back in 24 hours—if the pool water level is lower than that of the bucket, you’re dealing with a leak.

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What If It’s the Pool Heater That’s Leaking

If you see water beading up on your pool heater or puddling underneath it, don’t panic. It might just be condensation caused by heating very cold water. A pool heater can produce between 3 and 5 gallons of condensation per hour of use. 

An easy way to know for sure is to to turn off the pool heater but leave the pump and all other pool equipment running for a couple of hours. Check the area for water every 15 minutes or so. If water appears, use a chlorine test strip in it.

If the water is from condensation, it shouldn’t contain chlorine. However, if the test strip is positive for chlorine, it is likely that there’s a look in the heater or some other piece of pool equipment. Your next step here is to call Clark County Pool & Lawn for pool heater repair in Las Vegas.

Of course, prevention is always better than cure. It’s important to have your pool heater and other equipment regularly inspected and serviced by a qualified pool professional to keep them in good running condition.

However, keep in mind that pool heaters don’t last forever. Depending on the type of pool heater you have and how well it’s maintained, it can last anywhere from 5 to 20 years until it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Trusted and Reliable Pool Equipment Experts

Don’t let leaks and pool heater problems put a damper on your swimming activities. For maintenance and repair of pool equipment in Las Vegas, rely on Clark Country Pool & Lawn. 

We are your one-stop-shop for all your pool inspection, maintenance, and repair needs. Give us a call at 702-362-8295 or fill out our online form to request more information about our services.