The swimming pool industry earns north of $1 billion per year on average — and that should say something. Pools are obviously a hot addition to the home of those who can afford them, so it’s no wonder many new homeowners are interested in installing one in their backyard.

Yet, there are many types of pools, and choosing the right one for you can be challenging. Our residential pool service in Las Vegas, though, has a few ideas you can use for a stunning landscape in your backyard. Keep reading and get inspired!

Go Rectangular, Big, and Modern

The safest options are sometimes the best, and going for a classic, rectangular shape will lend your backyard an air of elegance and prestige. If you have a rather large empty space, you could use most of it to construct a big pool that’ll significantly improve the overall aesthetic of your home.

Such shapes are versatile, so you can be sure they’ll go well with the rest of your house, whatever the style and design may be.

Consider a Smaller Optimum Pool

However, sometimes a limited outdoor space can present an issue when it comes to integrating a pool. Luckily, optimum pools — semi-in-ground, semi-above-ground — are the perfect answer, as they tend to be small, compact, yet undeniably stylish.

The best part about small partial pools is that they’re usually much more affordable than larger ones, so you’ll get a good bang for your buck.

Experiment With Pool Shapes and Designs

Of course, if neither shape nor size is of any consideration to you, the challenge would be how to be creative. And, trust us — with pools, you can be as creative as you want. Opt for abstract shapes tailored to your garden, or add stairs and levels inside the pool, to adjust the depth as needed. If you have no limitations in terms of budget and size, your imagination is the limit.

Waterfalls, Pebbles, and Lights Can Add Life to Your Home

And speaking of letting your imagination roam free, the basic shape and design of the pool are only the beginning of the fun. Have you thought about adding waterfalls and similar features to your pool? What about lavish, tropical plants that’ll make it seem like a part of a vast forest? 

Colorful pebbles or even underwater lights to improve your nighttime swims can truly do wonders. 

Go With a Natural Pool

Finally, you can decide to follow one of the more recent trends and get a natural pool. 

These pools don’t disguise themselves as natural ponds, but they actually are that. They lack chlorine and rely on small pumps and natural microorganisms to cleanse the water of bacteria. Sometimes they even have a sand surface and are usually surrounded by plants.

Where to Find the Best Residential Pool Service in Las Vegas

Regardless of which one of these you decide to go for, you’ll need to have a trusted residential pool service in Las Vegas always at hand. After all, no pool can maintain itself. For that reason, you can always turn to us — Clark County Pool & Lawn Service

With 50+ years of experience and an A+ rating from the BBB, we’re the epitome of true professionals in pool cleaning, maintenance, and problem-solving. Contact us now, and you’ll see for yourself!