Who doesn’t love pool parties? Hanging out and having fun with friends and family is an amazing way to spend quality time. But what about the mess after the party is over

Pools often get contaminated with grass or leaves that get into the water as guests walk around the yard and get into the water. Contaminated pool water can cause further issues like swimming-related illnesses, according to the CDC. Also, sweat or sunscreen, and oils are organic contaminants that lead to algae.

This article focuses on post-party cleaning and maintenance tips and when to call pool cleaning services in Las Vegas.

Best Post-Pool Party Maintenance Tips

Right after the party, you should first take out any toys in the pool. If you have floats, balls, or water pistols, take them out before you proceed with the cleaning.

Brush & Skim the Pool

Brushing and skimming the water’s surface is crucial. Often, you may not see the dirt or debris in the pool, but leaving them in will contaminate the water or affect the pH levels. To avoid such problems, skim the surface with your skimmer.

Additionally, make sure you brush the walls of your pool and stairs. It is important to use the right brushes intended for pool cleaning to avoid damaging your pool.

Shock the Pool

Despite the visible waste you may transfer into the pool, let’s not forget that sunscreen, oils, or creams we wear are also damaging to the water conditions. Therefore, in this situation, you need to consider shocking the pool.

However, before you shock the pool, make sure to do it after the sun sets and follow the instructions closely.

man hosing down pool filter

Clean the Filters

After the party, you may have manually removed any dirt or shocked the pool, but the filters may still be contaminated.

Therefore, turn off the pump and release the excess air. After you release the air, make sure to take out the cartridge from the tank and remove the excess debris. If you struggle to remove it, use cartridge filter cleaning spray. However, once you finish cleaning, leave it to dry completely before putting it back.

Turn the Pump on and Add Enzymes

The final cleaning point after a party is to turn on the pump to ensure any excess debris is eliminated. The pump filters the pool water to the fullest, and you should leave it until the entire water is run over.

Also, you may add enzymes to complete the post-party cleaning task. The enzymes work great against all kinds of organic leftovers in the pool that may turn into pesky algae later. Therefore, make sure you don’t forget to add them.

Get Professional Pool Cleaning Las Vegas Service

If you notice your pool begins to grow algae, despite following the steps above, chances are you may have skipped a leftover while cleaning, and you need to call a professional pool cleaning service in Las Vegas to take care of this problem.

The cleaning experts at Clark County Pool and Lawn are well familiar with issues of this kind, as Vegas is known for its unforgettable home pool parties. Therefore, if you have any questions or dilemmas, make sure to contact us – we are always happy to help!