Owning a pool is a common practice in Las Vegas with over 200,000 registered pools in the city. A big part of owning a pool is also ensuring the water is clean and this means draining it every once in a while.

However, the standard practices of draining the pool are not only costly and a waste of water, but provenly unpractical. Instead, pool water recycling experts in Las Vegas suggest considering the Reverse Osmosis System.

Keep reading as we will explain this process in detail!

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Draining the pool is not the best environmental solution, nor beneficial for your pool. But that’s where the reverse osmosis (RO) system comes into play. The reverse osmosis system is a water filtration process that acts on your pool as a dialysis. It filters the entire pool and removes any contaminants like Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, phosphates, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other waterborne diseases. The water is then returned safely to your pool, leaving you with clean and safe pool water.

4 Benefits of the Reverse Osmosis System

RO is a sustainable pool water hygiene solution for the following reasons:

Reduced Calcium Hardness

The RO effectively reduces the calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, or any other pollutants in the pool thanks to the modern filtration system with semipermeable membrane and post-filters. Most water pollutants end up on the membrane, but the rest get filtered through the post-filters. That way the water is fresh and clean to a point where it is drinkable.

Minimizes Pool Risk Damages

The draining of the pool exposes your plaster to severe damage. However, the RO minimizes the risk of damaging the plaster as you will not have to take out the water and refill it, and the plaster will be safe and hydrated. Moreover, you can even swim while the water recycling experts filter the water.

man cleaning swimming pool

Minimizes the Costs of Cleaning Products

To purify the water, pool owners must regularly use pool cleaning products that cost a lot to reduce the calcium level hardness, and eliminate the organic pollutants. However, with the RO your water will be clean, instantly reducing chemical product costs.

Saves Water

Last but not least, given the current situation with the weather conditions, every pool owner must learn how to use water responsibly. Therefore, instead of wasting thousands of gallons of water, the better solution is to clean the water with filtration. It is estimated that every pool saves up to 85% of the water with RO.

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