When you own a pool, you probably don’t give much thought to the pool pump, or pool equipment that keeps the water flowing. Apart from usual maintenance, it doesn’t require much attention.

But, what happens when something seems off? Other than finding reliable pool pump repair in Las Vegas, knowing how to solve some of the most common issues with pool pumps won’t hurt. Let’s delve into the top two issues pool owners face with pool pumps. 

The Pool Pump Is Noisy

Over time, every pool pump will make some noise. What’s important is to learn how to distinguish a normal noise from a serious noise. Once you learn to tell different noises apart, you can tell whether your pump is in its typical working mode or something isn’t right.

Possible Causes of a Noisy Pool Pump

Possible Causes of a Noisy Pool Pump

Here are some noises your pool pump may make, along with the causes to will help you fix the issue more easily.

  • Vibrating noises: The pump’s base has lowered and is vibrating against the floor or surface.
  • Loud rattling noise: The pump needs water ASAP, or the impeller is broken/worn out.
  • Screeching sounds: The bearings need replacement.

Lastly, if the pump produces unusual sounds, it’s most likely attributed to a lack of water. The key to identifying the causes of noisy pool pumps is observation. 

If you neglect anything about your pool and only use it without proper aftercare, you are at greater risk of overlooking signs of malfunction. Consequently, not only will your pool be out of work for a while, but it will also cost you more to fix the issues.

The Pool Pump Is Overheating

Maintenance of pool pumps is a straightforward process. The best care tip is to run the pool pump on a schedule. Despite that, the pool pump can be running hot for no apparent reason. But, if you look closely, you’ll see the reasons clearly.

Possible Causes of an Overheated Pool Pump

Once you notice the pool pump is running hot, make sure you understand the causes by paying close attention to several aspects of pool maintenance, such as:

  • Blockage in the air vents
  • There is not enough drainage
  • The pool pump is starved of water

Most commonly, to fix an issue of overheated pool pumps, start by inspecting and cleaning the vents. Once you clear out the air vents, you should see instantaneous improvement. 

When it comes to insufficient drainage, the primary underlying reason is flooding around the pump. Floods can happen due to several reasons, with rainfall and improper pump positioning being the most common ones. 

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