There are about 6,100,000 in-ground residential pools in the US. It is a testament to how much we love a relaxing dip in our personal oases. 

While an in-ground pool is undeniably the more popular choice, it comes with a bit of risk, especially in terms of pool tile damage. Stains, cracks, and discoloration may turn your oasis into an eyesore. 

This blog will explore the common enemies of pool tiles and how to resolve them so you can enjoy your pool in all its splendor.

Algae and Mold


One of the most persistent enemies of pool tiles is the relentless growth of algae and mold. Flourishing in the moist, sunny pool environment, creates unsightly green or black patches, compromising aesthetics and posing health risks.

Solution: Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Invest in quality brushes, scrubbers, and appropriate pool cleaning agents for effective algae and mold removal without damaging the tile surface. Consider adding algaecides to your pool water to prevent their return. Maintaining proper water chemistry also discourages their growth.

Calcium Deposits

Signs That Your Pool Needs an Extra Shock

Over time, calcium deposits, often referred to as “scaling,” can accumulate on your pool tiles. They create a white, chalky residue and can lead to rough and uneven surfaces.

Solution: Acid Washing and Preventative Measures

Removing existing calcium deposits may require an acid wash, a task best handled by a professional due to its complexity. To prevent future scaling, maintain recommended pH and calcium hardness levels.


High Chlorine Levels

Chlorine is necessary for pool maintenance but can also trouble your pool tiles. Prolonged exposure to high chlorine levels can lead to bleaching and weakening of the tiles.

Solution: Proper Chlorine Management

Regularly monitor your pool’s chlorine levels and adjust them as needed to avoid chlorine damage. Use stabilized chlorine products to minimize the risk of over-chlorination. Additionally, consider alternative sanitation methods like saltwater systems or ozone generators, which can be gentler on your pool tiles.


Sunlight and UV Rays

While sunlight and UV rays are essential for a perfect pool day, they can be relentless foes to your pool tiles. Prolonged exposure can lead to fading, discoloration, and even deterioration of the tile surface.

Solution: Pool Covers and Shade Structures

Protect your pool tiles from UV rays using pool covers when the pool is not in use. Installing shade structures like pergolas or umbrellas can also provide much-needed relief from the sun’s damaging effects. Opt for UV-resistant pool tiles to minimize the impact of sunlight.


Freezing Temperatures

Freezing temperatures can be a significant enemy of pool tiles. Water expands when it freezes, which can cause tiles to crack or pop off if they are not adequately prepared.

Solution: Winterizing and Pool Tile Selection

Before winter sets in, take the time to winterize your pool. This involves lowering the water level, blowing out the plumbing lines, and adding pool antifreeze to prevent freezing damage. When selecting pool tiles, opt for those designed to withstand freezing temperatures to minimize the risk of cracking.


Improper Installation and Poor Quality Tiles

Sometimes, the enemies are within. Improper installation techniques or low-quality tiles can lead to many problems down the road, including uneven surfaces, cracks, and dislodged tiles.

Solution: Professional Installation and High-Quality Tiles

Ensure professional installation by experts who adhere to industry best practices. Invest in high-quality tiles explicitly designed for pool use, known for their durability, resistance to staining and fading, and protection against damage from pool chemicals.


Ensure Quality Pool Tiles From Installation to Maintenance

Clark County Pool & Lawn offers professional pool services in Las Vegas. Our pool technicians are well-versed in all pool issues and offer proven solutions to prolong your pool’s lifespan. From pool tile installation to maintenance and repair, we can deliver the best service for your personal oasis.

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