Pool Water Recycling

Recycle Pool WaterReverse Osmosis filtration on your swimming pool is now possible. Pure Pool Purification’s filtration Reverse Osmosis (RO) treatment systems combine pretreatment vessels and RO systems in a single, self-contained trailer.

Why hassle with pumping the water from your pool, paying for the refill, and then trying to figure out the complicated chemicals needed to re­balance your pool water?  Pure Pool Purification can take care of it for you. In less than a day, Pure Pool Purification can filter your water and lower calcium hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), cyanuric acid (CYA), phosphates, salt, bacteria, viruses, etc. and provide you with a clean, fresh pool!

Reverse Osmosis TrailerDepending on where you live there are a variety of reasons why every couple of years it is necessary to change out the water in your swimming pool. Those reasons could be high calcium hardness, high total dissolved solids, high cyanuric acid levels, or even salt content. Keeping your swimming pool water in balance is vital to enjoying your experience and eliminating the chance for algae growth. When any of the above issues rise to high levels, it can make maintaining a swimming pool nearly impossible.  Eventually,  you will need to change the water, but now you do not have to change your water. You can recycle your pool water!!

Recycling swimming pool water is just the start.  Reverse osmosis can lower calcium hardness, total dissolved solids and other contaminants.    In addition, the insulated trailer has allowed us to use these mobile filtration trailers day and night to get the job done. The concept of mobile filtration has been around for a long time, but using it to purify swimming pool water is relatively new.

The best part about current reverse osmosis technology is the fact that water loss due to high pressure is extremely minimal. Currently, it is possible to conserve up to 85% of the existing water.  This makes reverse osmosis a viable option to not only help swimming pool owners with water chemistry issues but also with water conservation as well.