DE powder on the surface of the pool

One of the more popular swimming pool filters is the diatomaceous earth (DE) filter but they can also be the most challenging especially when it starts blowing DE back into the swimming pool. DE filters filter down to the smallest micron value which means they are the best at keeping the pool the cleanest. That doesn’t mean that cartridge and sand filters don’t do a good job but DE filters have the ability to pick up for dirt and debris. That is why you will see this filter in areas with lots of vegetation and or trees/plant life. But what happens when you turn on the filtration equipment and you see the DE powder blowing back in the swimming pool? That is the subject we want to discuss in this blog post along with a few other hints to help you use this filter better.

First off, don’t jump the gun thinking something is wrong with the filter. It could be as simple as you put too much DE in the skimmer after you back washed. This is one of those cases where the exact amount of DE depending on the size filter you have is better than more. When you have more you might see an excess of DE blown back in the swimming pool. If you just back washed this could also be the reason. Now, if this is something that is occurring regularly or days after backwashing you might have the following:

  • Torn filter grid – remember to check the entire grid
  • Broken manifold
  • Bad backwash valve
  • Broken or missing air relief strainer

At this point, you will need to open up the filter and inspect the inside. Remember to check all the grids and the entire manifold for cracks. Even one small crack can make this happen. If you have a torn grid you will need to determine if you want to replace just the one or the entire set.

Tips on using a DE Filter

DE Filters are honestly pretty easy to use when you get the hang of it. The biggest things you need to remember is adding DE to the filter after you backwash. Remember to check the manual to help you with the settings on when to backwash. As soon as backwashing is complete, add the appropriate amount of DE to the skimmer so it will coat the filter grids. you might want to run the filter for at least 30 minutes.

Cleaning a DE Filter

Depending on how much you use your swimming pool you should at least clean your DE Filter once a year. This means opening it up and washing down the grids and inside of the filter. You will notice over time even with backwashing, DE will stick to the grids and manifold. You will need to remove this when you clean.

If you should have any other questions about DE blowing back in the swimming pool or have suggestings for future topics, please let us know!