DE Filter Blow Back Into The Pool

In a recent post that we wrote about DE blowing back into your swimming pool, we felt it was important for us to write a follow-up post in regards to it. In case you missed the first post, you can read about it HERE. If you still have a DE filter there are many reasons as to why DE could be blowing back into your swimming pool and we want to discuss those in this post and respond to a variety of questions that were asked about it. If you aren’t familiar with DE this is one of the three most common types of filters for your swimming pool. They are extremely common for residential swimming pools but they do take a fair amount of maintenance. One of those times is when it is time to backwash them along with cleaning them which should occur once or twice a year.

Backwashing Your DE Filter

If you gauge is telling you it’s time to backwash your filter or your swimming pool isn’t filtering as well (typically every 4 – 6 weeks) we now must learn how to backwash. The following are steps on how to backwash:

  1. Roll out backwash hose
  2. Turn pump off
  3. Place valve in backwash position
  4. Turn pump on and backwash
  5. Backwash until the water turns clear as it will be dirty and cloudy
  6. Turn pump off
  7. Place valve in filter position
  8. Repeat steps 2 – 6 to purge the system and make sure residue is gone
  9. Add DE Powder

You will want to make sure the filter is running when you add DE Powder. You will need to add DE powder through the skimmer. We recommend wearing a mask and only adding what is necessary.

At this point, you will probably see some DE blow back into the pool. A little DE is okay but a lot is not. The following reasons might be why DE is continuously blowing back into the swimming pool:

  1. Torn filter grid – remember to check the entire grid
  2. Broken manifold
  3. Bad backwash valve
  4. Broken or missing air relief strainer

You will need to check all the grids and if one of them is torn we recommend replacing them all. Remember to check it all before you assume there is a problem but if your filter is operating correctly you shouldn’t have DE in your pool. If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us. In conclusion, once or twice a year you will need to open up your filter and clean out the excess DE that will coat on your filter grids and manifold. This will need to occur if you want your filter to run optimally.