Are you tired of the constant humming, clanking, and rattling coming from your pool pump? When it comes to pool maintenance, the pool pump is the backbone of your pool, ensuring your water remains heated and filtered. If it malfunctions, fixing it ASAP should be a top priority. Thankfully, a noisy pool pump is relatively easy to fix, especially if you know how to troubleshoot the issue.

Finding reliable pool pump repair in Las Vegas will solve a noisy pool pump issue. But first, it doesn’t hurt to learn what causes this essential pool equipment to misbehave.

Ensure Proper Water Level in the Pool

Water leveling skimmer

Many things can lead to a noisy pool pump, and a decrease in the water levels is one of the most common. A dry pool pump is frequent in pools, especially those that haven’t been regularly maintained.

A dry pool pump is practically sucking both air and water, putting extra pressure on the mechanics of the pump, hence the extra noise. If the water levels in your pool have dropped more than the middle of the skimmer, that’s a sign your pool pump needs a closer look.

Check for Blockage In the Pump

If dirt and debris find their way inside the pool pump, the motor has to work harder to suck in water. When there’s more pressure on the motor, it will make noise. As simple as it sounds, a clogged-up pump is the most overlooked issue in faulty pool pumps, but the fix is pretty easy.

Turn off the filter, unplug the pump, and check the pump basket lid for pebbles, leaves, dirt, twigs, and other debris. Rinse off the basket, and you’ll be all set.

Address Cavitation Since It Causes Pumps to Make Noise

Cavitation is the process of the pool pump sucking air along with water. When heated, the water in the pump will begin to boil and then transform into steam.

The steam rises and renders parts of the pump, like the inner lining, to melt. When dealing with cavitation, the best approach is to consult a professional pool pump repair in Las Vegas.

Inspect the Motor Bearings

If the sound coming from the pool pump sounds more like a squawk and less like a pile of rocks tumbling in a metal barrel, something might not be right with the motor bearings in the pump. The bearings help the motor reduce friction, so if they are all worn out, the noise coming out of there isn’t that surprising.

To fix this, you’d need to change the bearings or even replace the motor altogether. Even though the replacement costs won’t usually break the bank, the labor part is pretty intense, so a lot of pool owners choose to hire professionals to resolve the issue.

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