At Clark County Pool & Lawn we are extremely concerned about swimming pool safety and that’s why we want to share tips to make your swimming pool safer. One of the things that we preach at Clark County Pool & Lawn is swimming pool safety to not only our clients but residents of Las Vegas. There are many elements of danger that are associated with owning a swimming pool and we want to make sure we stress the tips for making them safer! To be honest, there are few things that are scarier as exposing kids to unsecured swimming pools. The chance of injury or even death to children increases when they have to live in such an environment. That is why it’s extremely important that you take these tips seriously and consider making any changes necessary…..

  1. Provide constant supervision – This should go without saying… nothing is better than your eyes! Even though children have learned how to swim doesn’t mean they are drown-proof! Minimize all distractions and provide all layers of protection necessary!
  2. Teach your children how to swim – By the age of four, it is vital you teach your kids how to swim. Swimming lessons are instrumental in instructing the kids’ skills and getting them comfortable in the pool. Again, just because they know how to swim doesn’t mean they aren’t a risk of danger.
  3. Install a pool fence or barrier – A removable mesh pool fence features aluminum poles that are extremely sturdy and a mesh that is extremely difficult to tear. Once the pool fence is set in place, it provides high tension that prevents children from removing it or finding their way into the swimming pool. As a parent or guardian, you must make sure the pool fence is locked and secure when entering and leaving the swimming pool. Keep any objects away from the fence that kids can climb on or help them get over it. Depending on where you live, there might be laws in effect about pool fences and kids. Please check your local pool stores and contractors to find out more information.
  4. Ensure children adhere to all pool rules – Depending on where you are swimming there might be rules associated with the property. Whether this is a residential or commercial swimming pool, children should never run around the pool, they shouldn’t play rough, and most importantly never dunk one another under the water.

Pools should be a source of fun and excitement but there are risks involved. If you teach your kids to adhere to the rules and if you watch them at all times, the risks associated with them go down drastically. If you should have any questions in regards to pool safety, please contact us today!