Weekly Pool Service in Las Vegas

We have reached that time of year where taking care of a swimming pool gets put to the side and frankly an afterthought. At Clark County Pool & Lawn, we get it. We get that after an extended summer like we always have in Las Vegas it’s nice to give your pool and even yourself a break but always remember you still need to care for your pool and weekly maintenance should still occur. As a weekly residential and commercial swimming pool service and maintenance company, we get a lot of people asking us to switch to only two visits a month and honestly the challenge with that is when we show up two weeks later there is double the amount of work. Even though there are changes to water chemistry you still need to maintain a clean pool and we want to highlight what happens to pools most commonly in the wintertime and when we have storms.

It gets cold in Las Vegas but not enough to close down your swimming pool. With that said it is still open to the air, wind, dirt, dust, and other vegetation. This means when the wind picks up, storms, or other issues, your pool can and will get dirty. This means that you still need to brush the tile, step, benches and interior finish regularly. Brushing is sometimes overlooked and one of the most important steps in keeping your interior finish looking great. Skimming the surface of the pool after a storm and preventing blockage of water flow into the skimmer and pump basket is also vitally important which means you must empty them to prevent the pump from running dry. In addition to all of this, even though you will need to use less chlorine, monitoring your pH and Total Alkalinity (TA) is important to keep your water chemistry balanced and your water looking great.

Even though you aren’t swimming in the pool doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maintain it regularly but the good news is you will be able to save money on chlorine and filtration because both will decrease in the wintertime. However, always remember that if the air temperatures drop below 32 degrees to run your pump to prevent freezing. So remember, even though you aren’t swimming, hiring a great weekly residential and commercial swimming pool service company in Las Vegas who knows how to keep your pool looking great 365 days a year is the key. Contact us today if have any questions.