Proper Water Balancing For Your Swimming Pools

We are all navigating through a different time right now with COVID-19. Many individuals are looking at what in their lives they can cut back on and in times like this it is smart to evaluate your finances but if you own a swimming pool this isn’t a place you can cut back on. One of the biggest reasons why this is, is because we need to keep our pool clean and looking great. In fact, with all the changes that are occurring and needing to stay home, you’re going to want to take care of the things you need and want to be able to use.

Here in Las Vegas, we have been asked to stay home as a general population, although those of us in the swimming pool industry is considered “essential” and are able to work and we want to help you.  This places a great responsibility on us, as always, to keep people’s pools safe for you and your families/guests.  The CDC states that properly maintained pools and spas do not spread the virus and we need to maintain them.

Let’s be honest, we all know that when the water warms up which it will very soon it is easier for algae to grow. This means we need to properly balance our water chemistry and increase our filtration run times to prevent our water from turning green. So whether you are taking care of your swimming pool or utilizing a weekly pool service in Las Vegas maintaining a clear and blue swimming pool is vital. Now that the weather is warming up, some of the ways you can do this is by doing the following:

  • Netting out debris as soon as possible
  • Emptying your pump basket and skimmer basket to prevent lack of water flow into the filter
  • Balancing your water chemistry
    • Minimum 3.0 parts per million (ppm) chlorine
    • pH between 7.4 – 7.8
    • CYA between 30 – 50 ppm
    • Phosphates below 100 ppb
  • Brushing your tile, interior finish, steps, and benches
  • Vacuuming your pool as necessary

As we all know, when any of the above aren’t balanced the water can turn green quickly. This causes a breeding ground for mosquitos and other things which aren’t good for our health. With all the uncertainty in the world today as well with COVID-19 you will also want to keep your water blue and clear because as we are to remain home, the pool is going to be an excellent source of time with your family, relaxation, and exercise. So let’s all work together in keeping our pools looking great.

If you should have any questions about water quality, weekly pool service, and how we can help, please contact us today!