Warm pool water may be a luxury in some areas, but not in Las Vegas, where high temperatures of up to 105°F can make the water uncomfortably warm. As much as hot water can be good for your body, scorching temperatures should always be avoided. In such cases, you need to find ways to reduce them. 

Aside from a pool cooler, what are other possible ways to chill your pool? Before you ask for pool repairs in Las Vegas, check out how you can chill down in a swimming pool. 

Why Cool Down Your Pool With a Pool Cooler?

Many reasons may be listed for cooling down a pool. One is having a place where the family can relax and refresh during the summer. Installing a pool cooler in a pool, especially outdoors, is practically necessary. 

Health issues are probably the most important ones to consider. People are known to faint during excessive heat, which is incredibly dangerous when one is in water. Pool coolers reduce the risk of overheating hence reducing the body temperature. 

Alternative Methods of Cooling a Pool

Using an internal pool cooling system is the best way to chill the pool water, but there are also other ways to try.

Waterfalls and Fountains

Fountains and waterfalls are greatly used for an aesthetic bump, but they can also be used to reduce the temperature and provide freshness. Using one in the pool will keep the water moving continuously, decreasing the temperature. 

If you are looking to compare the effectiveness of an internal pool cooling system with the effectiveness of a fountain or waterfall, don’t. While they can reduce the temperature by a couple of degrees and make the water more refreshing, the effects are far from those of a cooling system.

Reduce Direct Sunlight

Swimming Pool

A more realistic and serious tactic would be reducing the direct sunlight on the water’s surface. You can try to enrich the landscaping around the pool with some growing trees to prevent direct morning or evening sunlight. Before planting the trees, consult with a professional about the best spot you can plant them in and whether it will provide enough shade. 

This method, although useful, is still not as effective as installing a cooling system. 

Drain and Refill the Pool

This method will bring the temperature down, but not without consequences. For one, it is a very expensive method. You’ll have to pay for the additional water and have to repurchase the chemicals for your pool. Not to mention Nevada is continuously struggling with droughts, so this method wouldn’t be very friendly to the environment. 

Is an Internal Pool Cooling System Expensive?

When dealing with pool systems, we should always consider their cost-effectiveness. Pool coolers are more energy efficient and, therefore, less expensive to run than pool heaters. If you can hook them up to solar energy, they will cost you even less. 

Choose Pool Repairs in Las Vegas for Your Pool Cooling System

Internal pool cooling systems allow you to lower the water temperature and bring it to a comfortable level. Without the right maintenance and pool repairs in Las Vegas, you may find that the systems are not doing a good job. 

Luckily, you can turn to us at Clark County Pool and Lawns and let our team help you maintain the right water temperature. Give us a call today, and let us help you beat the scorching Nevada heat!